Top 10 Comfort Company Blog Posts from 2017: Part 2

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This week we're taking a look back at our top blog posts from 2017. Check out Part 1 here if you missed that post. Our focus in 2017 was producing more educational content than ever before, and we were excited to grow our team to make this happen. We've worked hard on creating content that's valuable in a variety of setting. Now that 2017 is over, we're reflecting back on our top ten blog posts we published in 2017. Check out the blog posts that are in the spots 5 - 1 below: 


5. Pelvic Obliquity: Definition, Symptoms, and Solutions

A pelvic obliquity is a very common abnormality in the nursing home. Less common is the knowledge that, more times than not, the obliquity is caused by the resident’s wheelchair system.

I know firsthand that ordering a new wheelchair for every resident is unlikely. We must use the wheelchair model available in the storage closet whether or not it is the correct size to match the resident’s dimensions. This ill-fitting wheelchair can be to blame for a resident’s abnormal posture.

The ill-fitting wheelchair may be to blame for pelvic obliquity when...



4. Clinical Education Department Welcomes Lindsey Sharpe, PT, DPT to the Team

I can honestly say that three months ago I never thought I would be sitting here writing about my new role as Clinical Education Manager–Rehab Division with Comfort Company. My name is Lindsey Sharpe, and I am a physical therapist who has focused on neurological diagnoses and interventions as well as specialized in wheelchair seating and mobility. Four years ago, when I was opening a brand-new seating clinic in North Carolina, I met my local Comfort Company territory manager...



3. Fowler's Position: Beyond the Bed

Fowler’s position is a standard position used in nursing to promote oxygenation to allow for maximum chest expansion without the effects of gravity. It is usually implemented in cases of respiratory distress. Fowler’s position is also frequently used when feeding a patient with feeding precautions, during breathing treatments, to perform ADLS, for dependent drainage after abdominal surgery, pneumonectomy or other such surgeries.There are several Fowler’s positions...



2. Windswept Posture: Symptoms and Treatment through Wheelchair Positioning

We wouldn’t be able to discuss abnormal postures without mentioning windswept posture, also known as windswept deformity. This postural description has more to do with abnormalities at the hip joints and lower extremities than describing the pelvis alone...  



1. Posterior Pelvic Tilt: The Correction of Sacral Sitting

Posterior pelvic tilt is probably the most commonly seen postural abnormality, and many of us know it better as the dreaded sacral sitting position! We call it sacral sitting because the pelvis is tilted in such a way that all the pressure is placed directly on the sacrum, leaving our residents highly susceptible to a pressure injury...



There you have it–our top 10 blog posts of 2017! Thank you to our readers and subscribers, we're looking forward to sharing more great content with you in 2018.


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