Recognizing a Windswept Deformity During a Mat Evaluation

Pelvic Rotation: Palpating the Pelvis

Anterior Pelvic Tilt: Palpating the Pelvis

Posterior Pelvic Tilt: Palpating the Pelvis

The Case for 24/7 Posture Care

Pelvic Obliquity: Palpating the Pelvis

24 Hour Posture: The Link Between Sitting and Lying Postures

Performing the mat evaluation: Palpating bony landmarks

Constant Gravity: The Effects of Lying Down on Posture

Why Building a Relationship with your Local DME Supplier or Distributor's Representative is Important

Wheelchair Seating: It Can Only Do So Much

Top 10 Comfort Company Blog Posts from 2017: Part 2

Top 10 Comfort Company Blog Posts from 2017: Part 1

LTC Seating and Positioning Guide Conclusion

When to add wheelchair accessories in Long Term Care

I'll Push You: A Camino Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends and One Wheelchair

How to Measure for a Wheelchair: A Quick Measuring Guide

The Great Elevating Leg Rest Myth

Postural Evaluation in Sitting: Let Your Hands Mimic the Possibilities

How to choose a specialized back support in Long Term Care

The Wheelchair Evaluation: The “Atypical” Physical Assessment

The Common Postural Abnormalities Seen in Wheelchair Seating and Positioning

The Wheelchair Evaluation: The “Typical” Physical Assessment

How to Choose a Cushion in Long Term Care

The Wheelchair Evaluation: Where Do I Start?

How to Measure for Properly Fitting Wheelchair Components: Specific Measurements

Efficiency in Documenting Medical Necessity for Wheelchairs and Their Components, Part 1

How to Measure for Properly Fitting Wheelchair Components: Steps of a Seating Evaluation

Clarifying the “Gray Area”: Who Qualifies for Wheeled Mobility?

Why is wheelchair seating and positioning important for our residents?

Thinking Outside the Box: Considerations for Wheeled Mobility

Fowler’s Position: Beyond the Bed

Clinical Education Department Welcomes Lindsey Sharpe PT, DPT to the Team

Wisconsin Assembly Bill 462: Properly Defining Complex Rehabilitation Technology

A Fix for Manual Wheelchair Accessories

Upgrading Adaptive Athlete David Poole's Handcycle & Bucket Bike

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Head Support

The Missing Piece in Wound Care: Beyond the Bed

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Armrest

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Leg Rest

2017 Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Back Support

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Seat-to-Floor Height

Acta-Relief Awarded a Mobility Management Best Pick for 2017

Incorrect Seat Dimensions: Could this be the true culprit of poor posture in the wheelchair?

Windswept Posture: Symptoms and treatment through wheelchair positioning

CMS Will NOT Apply Competitive Bid Pricing to Cut Payments to CRT Group 3 Power Wheelchair Accessories

Just A Heads Up: Problems with Poor Head Positioning

Fixed vs Flexible Postural Abnormalities: Accommodate or correct postural problems

Pelvic Rotation: Symptoms and treatment through wheelchair positioning

Pelvic Obliquity: Definition, Symptoms and Solutions

2017 National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference

Donation changes family's life: A pediatric wheelchair with an adaptive seating system

Anterior Pelvic Tilt: Causes and Solutions through Wheelchair Positioning

Comfort Company hosts Wisc. Senator Vukmir to support Complex Rehabilitative Technology (CRT) advocacy

Posterior Pelvic Tilt: The Correction of Sacral Sitting

Posture Problems: How proper wheelchair positioning can prevent Anterior pelvic tilt, posterior pelvic tilt, pelvic obliquity, and pelvic rotation

Are We Over-Prescribing Custom Contoured Seating?

The Best Wheelchair Options in Long Term Care

It's Up to Us to Educate Insurance Providers: They Don't Know What They Don't Know

Dementia: Using Wheelchair Positioning To Alleviate Pain

Top 5 Reasons to use an Adjustable Wheelchair Back Support System

Dementia: Safety Issues in Seating and Positioning

Top 5 Comfort Company Blog Posts from 2016

Dementia: Sleeping Pattern Changes and Wheelchair Positioning

Dementia: Choosing the Correct Wheelchair When Dealing With Motor Issues

Dementia: Preventing Wound Development

Dementia: Seating & Positioning Best Practices for Changes in Temperament

Dementia: Understanding Functional Loss in Your Resident

Dementia: What Part of the Brain is Under Attack?

World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day 2016

Wheelchair Seating Considerations: Impaired Sensation & Respiration

Understanding Dementia: NOT Just Memory Loss

Progressive Weakness: A Classic Symptom of a Progressive Neurological Disorder

PRODUCT UPDATE: 4 Point Hardware

Progressive Neurological Disorders: Wheelchair Seating Considerations for the Initial Therapy Evaluation

Wheelchair Seating Considerations: Progressive Neurological Disorders

Long Term Care: Is there such thing as a "perfect" seating system?

Wound Development: So Much More Than Pressure

Standard Leg Rests vs Elevating Leg Rests: The Better Choice

Edema Control: Why Elevating Leg Rests are not the best option

MYTH: New Cushions Solve All Seating Issues

Acta-Embrace ATI Seat Cushion Awarded Mobility Management Best Pick

Wheelchair Positioning Misconception: Asymmetry is BAD

Acta-Back Awarded Mobility Management Best Pick

Wheelchair Positioning Misconception: Always Strive for 90-90-90

Acta-Embrace Back Support Awarded Mobility Management Best Pick

Finding Appropriate Seating Solutions for Pediatrics

Torger Sikveland named NCART Board Member

Acta-Relief Back Support Awarded Mobility Management Best Pick

Why K0001/K0002 Chairs are NOT the Economical Choice in Long Term Care

10 Common Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Misconceptions in LTC

Comfort Company Awarded FOUR Mobility Management Best Picks

Wound Care: Controlling Microclimate

Wound Care: Why Microclimate is so Dangerous

Wound Care: How To Fight Shear

Wound Care: Understanding Shear

Choosing the Right Cushion: Minimize Prolonged Pressure & Fight Wound Development

Product Update: M2 Wheelchair Cushion Size Expansion

Staging Wounds: Pressure Ulcer vs Pressure Injury

Wheelchair Crash Testing & Why It Is Important: An Answer to FAQ's

Prolonged Pressure: A Key Factor in Wound Development

How To Identify What Causes Wounds [in LTC Setting]

Clinical Benefits of Comfort Company Wheelchair Back Supports on Power

What Wounds in the Nursing Home Can End Up Costing You

Why a Foot Support is SO much more than a Calf Pad

Exciting News for our Clinical Education Department

VICAIR: Setting Up & Adjusting X-Series Cushions

Everything You Need to Know About Compass Hardware

"Does CMS Hate People in Wheelchairs?"

Passion With A Purpose

Addressing Pelvic Tilt & Obliquity using the Vector X

Accessible Travel Made Easy with brettapproved™

Competitive Bidding rural relief bill introduced in U.S. Senate

Maximum Skin Protection + Immersion Using the Liberty-X Wheelchair Cushion

National Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day

ACTION NEEDED TODAY: Protect Complex Rehab Accessories

CMS Pays $43,000 for a Wheelchair Cushion

Seating Tips: Finding Appropriate Seating Solutions for Kids

The Best Wheelchair Cushion for Active Users: VERSA-X

5 Common Mistakes Made When Pressure Mapping Wheelchair Cushions

News Update: Clinician Task Force Awarded Grant Funding for Spinal Cord Injury Education

Seating Strategies for Scars

Immersion + Offloading Using the Adjuster-X

4 Reasons to Pressure Map Wheelchair Cushions

Affordable Pressure Mapping System Available Now: Introducing the BodiTrak LT

Devastating Changes in Place for Competitive Bidding & CRT: Take Action Today

PRESSURE REDUCTION: Immersion + Offloading for Maximum Protection

WHEELCHAIR CUSHIONS: Healing Pressure Ulcers by Addressing SHEAR

Using Shear Reduction to Fight Pressure Ulcers

Looking for ways to help out? Read more here.

Introducing H.R. 3229

Excited for My New Role! - Stacey Mullis

Introducing our New Director of Clinical Education: Stacey Mullis

Vector-X with GlideWear™ Named One of Mobility Management's Best Picks of 2015



COMFORT DESIGNS: Just how customizable is it?

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Introducing the TrackMaster

Looks can be deceiving...

Gerber Amputee Support Alternative

Community Days: Sled Hockey Arrives in Bozeman, MT

CRT Legislation - Targeted Action Needed!

Want to see change in Competitive Bidding? Do this one simple step.

A Human Rights Crisis and what "Wheels for Humanity" is doing to Help

Accommodating for Kyphosis: problem solved!

Playgrounds For All Children: Here's How To Find One

Medicare Claims & The Two Words That Cost Patients Thousands

Because Who Is Perfect? Accepting Disabilities.

Top 8 Halloween Costumes For People In Wheelchairs

PVI Price Match - 105% Guarantee

Providers We Need Help - Prove Negative Impact Of Competitive Bidding


Innovation In Motion presents wheelchair at Kentucky Speedway

Fall SIT! Seminar dates - Seating Adaptation Principles

Custom Wheelchair Seating Orders in 3 Minutes or Less, From ANYWHERE!

Consumers back H.R. 1717


Walk for Children - Next Door Foundation Event

Guest opinion: Health care reform threatens home care

Pride Mobility Partners with Comfort Company

Wheelchair Seat Measurement Guide

Ryan Chalmer's Journey pushing across America in a wheelchair

All New Flexion Footbox™ { wheelchair foot care positioning

CELA Conference Recap 2013

4-10-13 { National Call-in Day for Complex Rehab Technology

Big Sky Homecare Alliance Launch Event Results In Significant Commitments to Action to Protect People Who Rely On Homecare Services and Medical Equipment

More Diagnosis Now Accepted for Skin Protection Wheelchair Cushions

Call to Action! Let everyone know that they have the power to be agents of change.

6 things you should know about a ramp

Recap: ISS 2013

No longer a patient care fight, it's a political fight.

CRT Separate Benefit Category Bill Reintroduced - H.R. 942

Introducing the all new Acta-Contour Back

What your Senator doesn't know about Competitive Bidding

Comfort Company Sales Force Update

Comfort Company Joins VGM

Protect CRT

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