A Fix for Manual Wheelchair Accessories

Posted by Torger Sikveland, Government & Industry Affairs



Recently legislation was introduced in Congress that would add accessories used on CRT Manual Wheelchairs to those exempted from reimbursements derived from competitive bidding.


Representatives Lee Zeldin (R, NY) and John Larson (D, CT) have added language to their previous relief bill to exempt these products. The new bill number is H.R. 3730 and its purpose is to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for the non-application of Medicare competitive acquisition rates to complex rehabilitative manual wheelchairs and accessories.


In June, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that after several legislative actions suspending the application of competitive bid rates to items used in conjunction with Group 3 Power Wheelchairs, it would permanently change policy to reflect congressional intent. But because Complex Manual Wheelchairs were not included in the previous legislation due to political maneuvering, the policy change did not affect those accessories. This legislation will correct that oversight.


Now we need all stakeholders in the process to voice support for this measure. Unless your Congressman hears from you, they will not necessarily be aware of this need. Even though this equipment is extremely important to those who need it, there is still a large majority of the population that has little or no contact with people who rely on Complex Rehabilitative Technologies. I have included this link to a list of co-sponsors for H.R. 3730 and also this link to the NCART action center. If your Congressman has not signed on to the bill, you can contact them via the action center email drive to make your support known.


Thank you for taking the time to support your customers and the users of Complex Rehabilitative Technology.


Torger Sikveland
Government & Industry Affairs

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